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Canadian Fandom

Science Fiction and Fantasy (Books and Media) Fan Activity in Canada

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This is a community for members of science fiction (and fantasy, speculative fiction, media, horror, etc.) fandom in Canada.

This is a journal, so the following items are on topic:

* Discussion of conventions Canadians are working on or attending.
* Discussion of clubs or other fan activities Canadians are participating in.

The following items would be considered off topic:

* Press releases, anouncements, or other impersonal posts. There are plenty of reference web sites for such things.
* Cross-posts from email lists.
* Discussion of specific books, television shows, or films. (I.e. "My Buffy club is doing X" is fine, "This convention will have such-and-such Buffy guest" is fine, "My book club is reading X" is fine, but "What did you think of last night's episode" belongs in other LiveJournal communities).
* Anything not loosely related to science fiction fandom. Not interested in the Blue Jays unless they're in an SF story. Don't care about politics outside an SF context.
* Anything not involving Canadians. Discussion about what Canadians are doing at Noreascon or Interaction is fine, discussion about Americans going to Toronto Trek is fine.
* Obviously, no porn, no copyright material.

The following items should be separated using <lj-cut> tags:
* Posts over 500 words. Some folks are logging in via modem or GPRS telephones; others of us are afflicted with short attention spans.
* Flamage: I enjoy a good flame war as much as anybody, but others do not. Let's protect the innocent bystanders.

Moderation will be very light and arbitrary. Keep in mind that LiveJournal communities aren't public resources and anybody is free to create their own forum. But I do want to create a place for people to come together and share what they're up to, so I really won't be inclined to go to the effort of screening or deleting things unless it really gets out of hand.

So let's have fun, eh?